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BlackBerry TamilBible

e-Mmanuel Audio Bible – Tamil Version

New in 1.5.0:
– UI updates
– Support for hardware buttons

Featuring full OT and NT audio and text of the Tamil Bible. The audio is provided courtesy of Tamil Christian’s Pages ( Development of this app and hosting of the audio files is made possible by donations to The e-Mmanuel Project. You can also support the developer with purchase of e-Mmanuel+, a full featured bible reader and prayer companion for your BlackBerry® PlayBook™ 
– full Bible text included for offline reading
– automatic download-on-demand, downloads the audio file of the current chapter
– download files stay on your BlackBerry® PlayBook™ for offline listening
– option to download entire set of audio files in advance for offline listening
– auto-scroll of text along with Audio Bible
– auto-advance to next chapter or next book
– multiple background themes
– multiple font sizes
e-Mmanuel – God is with us, electronically