Do I need the Tamil Bible font installed on my computer in order to read the text in Tamil?

No, you do not need the Tamil Bible font installed on your computer to read and browse through the website on either Windows, Mac or any portable device.

Which browser is best to be used on this website?

This website is best viewed on the latest versions of Chrome, MS Edge, Firefox, Safari and Opera.

What types of features are in the Tamil Bible Software

Tamil Bible software featuring in-depth tools to help study the Bible... Open Bible Screenshots Page

How do I submit my own media files or resources to be added to the site?

If you have your own resources that you feel would be beneficial to the growth of others Spiritually and Glorify God's Name, please upload them into Dropbox or Google Drive and send the link via our Contact page. The resources will be reviewed before they are added to the website.

Are there any songs, videos or messages available for me to download?

No, unless the producers of the material provide us with the rights to allow these materials to be downloaded, we are not able to provide downloadable material.

Do I need any player installed on my computer to listen to audio or watch videos?

No, you do not need any players installed on your computer as the players are all integrated onto the site and should work automatically.

Do you accept donations?

No, we do not accept any donations nor do we ask anyone for donations in any form. For more information please read our letter here.